award LCRMR200 Reduce
transport time.
Cost reduction. Save space.
Linear Conveyor Module
Efficiency of time and space in production Yamaha’s answer to Next Generation of Production Line design Yamaha’s answer to Next Generation of Production Line design
RCXiVY2plus Blob search function For tracking irregular shape workpieces RCX 3 Series CONTROLLER YAMAHA ROBOT VISION Simplicity Sophistication Assurance
Yamaha's own unique solution for integrated robot vision
Simplicity Sophistication Assurance
Robonity Motor-less Single Axis Actuator Your choice of
Motor and
Driver System
Choice of ball
screw leads
Choice of stroke range
from 50 mm up to
YK-XE Increased maximum
payload capacity
10 kg
Optimal for transfer and
assembly of automotive parts
High performance Durability
For improved efficiency and reliability in production at affordable price YK400XE-4 YK610XE-10 YK710XE-10

Discover the world of Yamaha Robotics assembly systems

Yamaha FA Section, the innovation leader in robot technology, delivers advanced solutions to overcome today’s manufacturing challenges: to increase process automation for greater throughput and productivity, minimise turnaround time, adapt quickly and setup to meet new requirements, and extend capabilities to produce increasingly demanding products at consistently high quality.

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Yamaha brings a long history in industrial robotics, beginning by developing solutions for advanced production of automotive subsystems. The latest Yamaha robots enable manufacturing enterprises of all types to benefit from creative automation that improves business performance, combining programmable flexibility with speed and precision.

The lineup covers a wide range of industrial robots to serve manufacturing demands, from a simple transport system or handling system to boost the productivity of conventional assembly processes, to full automation systems.

Typically, Yamaha adds innovations that deliver advantages such as smaller footprint, improved reliability, easier maintenance, and special options such as our drip-proof and dust-proof SCARA robots that boost reliability in tough environments.

By using magnetic resolvers for position sensing, we avoid the contamination threats and reliability challenges that face ordinary optical encoders. Features such as the innovative guide-rail design of our cartesian and single-/multi-axis robots, the long-stroke linear motor that lets our Phaser single-axis robots operate at high speed without derating. The unique LCMR200 linear conveyor module, with bidirectional motion and individual variable-speed control, helps achieve an efficient, flexible and space-saving conveying solution.

Our TRANSERVO series of linear-axis robots combine the affordability of a stepper motor with the performance advantages of a servomotor, including constant torque at all speeds and low current consumption when stopped. TRANSERVO robots also benefit from the smooth motion of a servo drive. And the innovative beltless structure of our YK-XG SCARA robots are further examples of the attention to detail you will find throughout the range.

Yamaha robot control systems such as the RCX340 are engineered to ease integration with popular industrial ethernet and fieldbus systems such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, CC-Link, and DeviceNet. You can control your robot using a PLC (SPS), taking advantage of familiar instructions and existing knowhow. Yamaha’s robot programming language and graphical RCX Studio software let you unleash the full power of your robots. Yamaha also offers robot positioners and pulse-train drivers to assist development of a simple automation system.

Extending your robot system with the iVY2 machine-vision system is also easy, leveraging dedicated robot vision instructions created by Yamaha and with the option to add high-speed component tracking with a simple hardware upgrade. Accessories are also available to help customers finalise their automation solutions, including a selection of electric grippers that are available off-the-shelf.